Igniting change for black communities

The Cote des Neiges Black Community Association (CDNBCA) proudly serves Montreal's Black community by offering programs and support services particularly designed for English-speaking youth, families, and seniors. With the support of corporate donations and private contributions, we reach the most vulnerable members from communities of color.

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Our Promise


The Mission of the Cote-Des-Neiges Black Community Association is to support the development of social, cultural, educational and economic institutions in our community.

We will strive to develop partnerships and collaborate with institutions to provide effective services and programs which will address the needs of our community.

Cote-des-Neiges Black Community Association is guided by strong principles which enshrine the rights of all people in this society to live with equality and dignity.

Programs we developed


Our programs are a beautiful reflection of the cultures of our community. We believe in the potential of our members and we understand the components they need to enhance and enrich their lives. Our goal is to create custom activities for our youth, families, and seniors that supports their overall health and well-being.

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Educational and cultural events that enhance our community


Infused with our culture, our weekly activities and special events appeal to our community because they are designed for them.

With the support of the City of Montreal and Centraide, we offer weekly activities and special events at our two programming centers that are designed to engage and appeal to different members of the community.

Meet the team

Tiffany Callender

Executive Director

Jennifer Moran

Program manager

Herla Osias

Administrative manager

Denise Pierre

SFP and CASS coordinator

Chris Lockhart

CASS Family worker

Emi Milfort

CASS family worker

Ursula Uranie

Client service coordinator

Lisa Stanisclaus

Operations coordinator

Joyanne Layne

Teen worker


Program attendant

Ezekiel Phillip

Program attendant

DJ Fulo Magbuhos

Program attendant

Meet the board

Wendel James

Board member

John Cruickshank

Board member

Ayanna Alleyne

Board member

Luam Ghebremariam


Leon Llwellyn

Board member

Latest update


Executive Director Postion

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CDNBCA Black History Month 2023 Fundraiser

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Job Offer: Administrative Service Coordinator

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Join us and help.


We are so grateful when people offer to help us achieve our mission. Volunteering, sharing our web stories, or making a donation makes a huge difference! Thank you for your support.

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