Santé mentale des Noirs

Black History Month a time that allows us to reflect and honour those that came before us even more than anytime during the year. We pay respects to those that have paved the way before us. Learning from our history helps us to move forward to flourish and create positive change. However, in order to influence positive change, we should start with the inner work.

There is no meaningful change without self growth and there’s no self growth without self love and self-healing. In our black community we struggle with the idea self-healing and the steps that are required to do so. Mental health in the black community is considered to be taboo as many assumed that requiring help is a sign of weakness or not being strong and that mental illness is categorized as someone being crazy.

We have come a long way in terms of getting the help we need and advocating for others that need it. Although we have become more open towards mental health awareness, black men in our community seldom seek help for mental un-wellness. They suffer in silence while masking or not even dealing with the issues at hand.

Reassuring them and letting them know that seeking help empowers them and can be a safe space to speak their truths usually falls on deaf ears for many. As a community we need to give access to resources that can help our black men thrive and heal.

Join us as we discuss the topic of Black MEN-tal Health with Dr. Myrna Lashley who will touch on Family, Work, Life Balance. Expressing and Validating Feelings as well useful tips for everyday stressors.

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